• Made with chrome vanadium steel (6140)
  • Mirror polish & satin finish
  • Flexible head folds up to 230∘
  • Traditional flare nut wrench and crowfoot function
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for all hydraulic , fuel , oil brake , A/C , O2 Sensor , auto tool and air line work.

proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/d1.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/d2.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/d3.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/d4.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/d5.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/d6.jpg
6x8 15x18 4.5x6 6.7x7 145
7x9 15x18 5x6.5 6.7x7 145
8x9 18x18 6x6.5 7x7 150
8x10 18x18 6x4 7x7 150
8x11 18x22 6x8.5 7x9 154
9x11 18x22 6.5x8.5 7x9 154
10x11 18x22 7x8.5 7x9 154
10x12 18x22 7x9 7x9 154
11x13 22x26 8.5x10 9x11 175
12x13 22x26 9x10 11x11 175
12x14 22x26 9x11 9x11 175
12x15 22x26 9x12 9x11 175
13x14 26x26 10x11 11x11 185
13x15 26x26 10x11 11x11 185
14x15 26x26 11x12 11x11 185
13x17 26x32 10x14 11x12.5 219
13x18 26x32 10x14.5 11x12.5 219
14x16 26x32 11x13 11x12.5 219
14x17 26x32 11x14 11x12.5 219
14x18 26x32 11x14.5 11x12.5 219
14x19 26x32 11x15 11x12.5 219
15x16 26x32 12x13 11x12.5 219
15x17 26x32 12x14 11x12.5 219
15x19 26x32 12x15 11x12.5 219
16x17 32x32 13x14 12.5x12.5 220
16x18 32x32 13x14.5 12.5x12.5 220
17x18 32x32 14x14.5 12.5x12.5 220
17x19 32x32 14x15 12.5x12.5 220
18x19 32x32 14.5x15 12.5x12.5 220
19x21 32x37 15x16 12.5x16 240
19x22 32x37 15x17 12.5x16 240
21x24 37x40 15x18 16x17 258
22x24 37x40 17x18 16x17 258
27x30 45x49 20.5x21 16x21 310
Item No.Content
CM-520B-M3 10x12-13x14-15x17
CM-520B-M3 8x11-10x12-13x17-14x19
CM-520B-M6 8x9-10x11-12x13-14x15-16x17-18x19
1/4"x5/16" 15x18 4.5x6 6.7x7 145
5/16"x7/16" 18x22 6x8.5 7x9 154
3/8"x7/16" 18x22 7x8.5 7x9 154
3/8"x1/2" 18x22 7x9 7x9 154
1/2"x9/16" 22x26 9x11 9x11 175
9/16"5/8" 26x32 11x14 11x12.5 219
5/8"x11/16" 32x32 13x14 12.5x12.5 220
5/8"x3/4" 32x32 13x15 12.5x12.5 220
11/16"x3/4” 32x32 14x15 12.5x12.5 220
3/4"x13/16” 32x37 15x16 12.5x16 240
3/4"x7/8” 32x37 15x17 12.5x16 240
13/16"x15/16” 37x40 15x18 16x17 258
7/8"x15/16" 37x40 17x18 16x17 258
Item No.Content
CM-520B-S3 3/8"x7/16"-5/8"x11/16"-1/2"x9/18"
CM-520B-S4 5/16"x7/16"-3/8"x1/2"-9/16"x5/8"-11/16"x3/4"
CM-520B-S6 1/4"x5/16"-3/8"x7/16"-1/2"x9/16"-5/8"x11/16"
proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/a1.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/a2.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/a3.jpg proimages/product/Wrench_Set/11-15/CM-520A/a4.jpg
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