Jin Wang Industrial Co., Ltd , established 2002, specialized the hand tools in Auto repair tools, Flexible Crow Foot Wrench, Ratchet Wrench, Extra Long Wrench, Socket Set. As to capture valuable cross-business strategic fits and turn them into competitive advantage, Jin Wang has diversified into a proficient manufacturer in tile cutters, tile nippers, tile tools and multi tool etc. The corporate strategy making concentrates on modernization, globalization as well as specialization to strengthen the long-term position.

  Jin Wang is a GS certified company, providing customers with innovative and satisfaction. Jin Wang has extensive research and development know-how to keep up with changing world market and to provide high quality products to back up with the mass customization and total quality management. This dedication of Mr. Yang and all employees’ in Jin Wang to constant improvement boosts the customer satisfaction and makes every Jin Wang product best values with high quality available today.

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